Friday, 8 October 2010

Your Japanese word of the week is...

"wake" 訳 which means reasoning/meaning.  As part of one of the last phrases in Japanese I ever learned, it's quite useful when you're talking about just how futile or unlikely something could be.  For example, "aruku wake wa nai" basically means "no point in walking" or, depending on your tone of voice, "No way I'm walking".  Another example is "kaeru wake wa nai" which would be "no reason to return" which, again depending on your tone, is synonymous with "Why would I go back?".  Anyway, like any language, there are instricacies to it but that is essentially how "wake" is commonly used.

For me, well, it's more like I have no reason/excuse for not updating my blog recently.  If I'm honest, the time has sort of slid by unnoticed because the days blend into weeks then blend into months.  But I'm back and all is well =)...

One of the things I've been doing recently is going out for walks/hikes.  There's a local hiking trail here called The Chief which consists of 3 different peaks.  I've done two of the three so far and will soon doing the final one.  Pics of that coming soon.

Another place I went to is Lynn Canyon in North Van.  It's a great area with a huge variety of trails ranging from gentle "nature walks" (aboev) to the steep climb to its peak.  I went a few days ago with a friend and, seeing as it's October now, decided to try and capture some autumn colours.

Some of the leaves had started to turn and fall but for really great autumn pictures, I think a few more weeks is needed.  Of course, that's a hard balancing act in Vancouver since fall usually means rain and if I wait too long, there won't be any more leaves to take pictures of.  In the meantime, here are some other ones I got...

One of the best parts of the Lynn Canyon park was that even in the bright sunlight at midday, the canopy casted amazing shadows all across the forest floor.  The lighting was never too bright nor too dim and certain patches would always be illuminated in the places lesat expected.  This, along with the serenely quiet forest atmosphere and the atypically abundant ferns and mosses made it feel very special indeed.

And then, of course, are my personal favourites from the day, including:

A tone mapped picture of a maple leaf.

This one that I call, "Fall"

And my personal favourite from the day because I think the lighting really makes the picture.

Anyway, I promise to be more consistent with these posts.  We've also started a Sunday evening karate class at Pacific Spirit Wado Kai so I'll let you know more about how that class develops as we grow it.

Stay tuned!

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